Landlord and Tenant Law

Relationships between a landlord and tenant can often lead to disputes that need to be resolved through litigation. The South Carolina Residential Landlord Tenant Act, provides guidance about how actions between landlords and tenants should be resolved. This legislation protects landlords and tenants by establishing a series of rights and duties for each party. Disputes can arise as to these rights and duties on either side. Some common issues for tenants and landlords include:

  •  Landlord’s failure to return a security deposit
  •  Landlord’s failure to maintain the property in a safe condition
  • Landlord’s failure to make necessary repairs
  • Wrongful eviction
  • Tenant’s failure to pay rent
  • Damage to the property by tenant
  • Eviction of tenants

Violation by either the Tenant or the Landlord of the South Carolina Residential Landlord Tenant Act can     lead to one or more of the following damages:

  • Actual damages
  • Treble damages (3 times the amount of actual damages)
  • Reasonable attorney’s fees
  • The right to cancel the rental agreement
  • Landlord’s right to evict a tenant if a violation occurs