Business Formation

     As a small business owner, I understand the challenges of starting and running a business. Whether you are starting a sole-proprietorship, partnership, corporation or other entity, we can answer your questions and provide guidance about how to anticipate and hopefully avoid potential pitfalls, and we can help you form an entity with the structure and security that will allow your business to flourish. 

At the Rankin Law Firm we can assist new business owners in these key areas:

  • Establish a business plan to specify your management, marketing, growth and financial goals
  • Select an organizational structure tailored to your business needs considering issues related to legal exposure, taxes, leadership and management
  • Prepare a clear and effective operating agreement that defines authority, rights, and sets guidelines for resolving disputes that may arise
  • Provide guidance and representation related to compliance with statutes, regulations, complex contracts, and other legal issues that affect your business.